Avensys StreamWell™.

A simple streaming platform for live, simulated-live and on-demand virtual events

StreamWell™ is an easy-to-use, brandable online event platform that provides a simple, smart-looking and cost-effective streaming solution for your online events. The platform is accessible on desktop PC, laptops, tablets and smart-phones.

With up to 6 web pages as standard for your content, and templated layout designs to chose from, StreamWell™ is quick & easy to commission.

Avensys DEP.jpg
  • Home/landing page

  • Agenda

  • Speaker Profiles

  • Single live or on-demand webcast stream player

  • Live ‘Ask a Question’ submission form / with
    embedded Sli.do option

  • About us / organiser page

  • Contact page

  • Live twitter feed

  • Templated layouts to choose from

  • Add a page option

  • Add further live / on-demand streams option

  • Fully bespoke design option

StreamWell™ is delivered by Avensys’ Hire & Events Team drawing on its wealth of real-world and online event knowledge and experience, so you can expect reliable guidance and high quality production values ensuring great outcomes.


To find out more about how StreamWell™ can enable simple, smart-looking online events, now and into the future, CALL US NOW for a chat or to book a LIVE DEMO.