Live Video & Recording.

Don't miss the opportunity to capture a live event with quality video. We have decades of experience producing professional recordings so you can share the experience after the event is over. We also offer a video editing service so you can make the best use of your content. 


Avensys are also able to supply live camera feeds to screens ensuring all your audience members get the best view of the action.

Live Video

Live Video & Recording with cameras trained on individuals performing.
Live Camera Feed example of camera positioned to record event

Live Camera Feeds

Relay the action from your event onto monitors and projection screens around the event space, the venue or to another room.

Event Recording

Event Recording

Capture the event in order to be able to share post-event increasing the event reach and engagement.  

Video Editing example of Avensys Hire & Events crew editing footage post-event

Video Editing

Post-event video and edits are a great way to capture the essence and messages of the event to be able to share with attendees and also those who couldn't make it.

Interview example with camera trained on individuals


Interviews are a great way to gain feedback or share a message without someone directly presenting information - research shows video interviews are shared online more than written articles.

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