Transformational Event Lighting

Tips and tricks to achieve transformational lighting for your next event.

The power of light and lighting effects should never be under estimated. A well thought through lighting design can transform any space, help to create atmosphere and provide a talking point for guests.

Where to start...

Work with your AV partner to outline the feel and atmosphere you would like to achieve for your guests. Consider and discuss the following questions:

  • Do you require lighting indoors and outdoors?

  • Do you have a colour theme for your event?

  • Is there a brand colour you would like to incorporate into the design?

  • Do you have a logo or names you would like to project in light?

  • Does the event require a change of look and feel as the night unfolds?

  • Are there any performers or areas of focus that need to be well lit?

The Base – Your lighting design building blocks

Uplighting - After identifying your colour theme, use this throughout your LED uplighting around the space. In order to make this more visually interesting and more sculptural, pick two tones of the theme colour. Use the lighter shade of the two to accent any interesting architectural elements in the room.

LED battery uplighters are a perfect way to quickly uplight a space – don’t forget with LED uplighters you can change the colour at the press of a button.

Key Focus – Let there be light…

We have established a base colour around the room, now is the time to get practical. Conventional profile spots and fresnels can be used to light up any key areas of interest and drive guests focus, that could be a wedding cake, area for speeches or branded corporate marketing banners.