Printed Branding & Graphics.

We understand the importance of event branding and brand recognition, ensuring the right message is communicated effectively and consistently. We offer printed branded solutions for live events, experiential marketing, outdoor branding and product launches. We pride our self on producing the highest quality graphics, giving your brand or message maximum exposure at your event.


Branding example, Ollie Cross going over a branded print
Custom Branded Sets example of Macmillan Event with custom branded elements

Custom Branded Sets

Transform your event set with custom branding to help showcase your brand and messaging.

Seamless Graphics example at L3 Harris launch of a large format print.

Seamless Graphics 

Large format material prints can provide a seamless look to your set. This seamless element adds an element of luxury to your event.

Wall Graphic example text on wall around a frame

Wall Graphics

Low tack images and text can be applied to walls and windows in order to add additional messaging and branding. It's also a good tool to cover up any existing unwanted signs in the space.

Photo Backdrops example of sunny beach scene at event

Photo Backdrops

Fully designed and themed photo backdrops will add a huge talking point to your event. From beach get a ways to out of space themes we can provide the backdrop, props and photographers. 

Printed Banner example with branding and logos next to a projection screen at Brighton SEO

Printed Banners

Cost-effective solution to display logos, branding or messaging. 

Banners can also be a quick and simple way to cover-up any permanent fixures of fittings in a venue that are unsightly.  

Printed Lecterns example of a Lectern with Qatar Airways branding from the Qatar Airways Event at South Lodge.

Printed Lecterns

Lecterns are a focal point during presentations. Adding branding to lecterns is a nice touch and if live camera feeds are being used, it will allow for branding to be relayed to larger screens. 

Step & Repeat example of four individuals in front of a step & repeat board.

Step & Repeat

Step and Repeat boards are perfect for Awards events. Winners can have their photos taken in front with all event sponsors logos being included in the photographs. 

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