The COLORado Batten 144 Tour is a linear lumnaire equipped with 144 calibrated LEDs of red, green, blue, white and amber, and five attenuation curves that facilitate its incorporation in any installation. The white and amber LEDs provide a vast mix of colour ranging from shaded pastels to highly saturated colours. Its double optics of 15° and 30° allow it to make homogenous and extensive light baths, which make it ideal for use in cyclorams and other large surfaces. The supports facilitate their installation, either in structures or directly on the floor.



  • Playing automatic and custom programs through DMX and master / slave
  • RGBWA colour mixing manual or via DMX
  • Colour temperature programs: 2800 to 10000 K
  • 3 and 5-pin DMX input and output connectors
  • Different regulation curves (dimming) selectable for more versatility of programming
  • LED screen with password protection
  • Power input and output connectors Neutrik powerCON
  • Simple and advanced DMX personalities for programming versatility
  • Two adjustable supports that can be used to hang the equipment or to place it on the floor

Chauvet Batten 144

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