AC One Audio Controller--Patented Engineering for Optimised Performance

The AC One Audio Controller includes a newly designed crossover function that improves SPL around the crossover frequency. This makes it the ideal solution for systems with relatively small full-range speakers plus subwoofers. And best of all, you don't need an engineering degree. Just trust your ears and be impressed by the acoustical result.

The AC One Audio Controller was designed for use in high-performance installations that employ active 2-way systems plus subwoofers. Such applications usually incorporate professional linear power amplifiers like the EV P1200, P2000, P3000, Force, Eliminator or the new P1201 and P1202. When a processor-controlled power amplifier like the EV P1250 is used, the processor section is simply switched off.

Installing and operating the AC One Controller is easy as can be. The user does not need to know any complex detail about crossover functions and equalisation. All controls for matching the sound to different acoustic conditions and loudspeakers are located on the front panel. Difficult tasks - for instance, electronic signal routing and settings - are automatically carried out inside the controller. The PowerMax 12 crossover function makes optimal use of amplifier output power and loudspeaker transmission capacities. When compared to conventional crossovers or controllers, this results in improved overall sound quality achieved with less effort.

The AC One Audio Controller also works well in active 2-way instrument reinforcement applications for keyboards, electric bass, and drums. The PowerMax 12 crossover function eliminates the often-complained-about "lack of punch and definition" common to conventional active musical reinforcement systems.

The AC One Audio Controller's excellent dynamic range of more than 117dB, its extremely low noise level, and its outstanding price performance ratio make it an excellent alternative to conventional crossover and controller solutions, even in the critical field of permanent installation.

EV ACONE Crossover

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