• 15-inch two-way high-output stage system
  • 350-watts continuous
  • Ring-Mode Decoupling (RMDtm) for improved sound quality and dynamic integrity
  • High-Q 60° x 40° Constant-directivity horn with DH2010A driver
  • Integral 1 3/8-inch stand mount
  • Ergonomically shaped handles for ease in lifting and transportation
  • Choice of paralleled 1/4-inch or Neutrik Speakon® (Eliminator E) connectors
  • Optional performance-matched Eliminator® Sub available


The Electro-Voice Eliminator® is high-peak output, high-efficiency two-way stage system. The 15-in. low-frequency/horn-loaded constant-directivity high-frequency system incorporates elements of Ring-Mode Decoupling (RMD™). RMD™ techniques substantially improve vocal fundamental intelligibility and produce an "up front" toanlity capable of cutting through even difficult acoustic environments.

The Eliminator® enclosure has a unique design that presents a very minimal frontal cross section while still maintaining substantial internal volume. A newly developed handle concept allows for extremely comfortable transportation from any orientation. The design is light weight, but very rugged and features a heavy metal grill and highly stylised corner protection.

The heart of the Eliminator's high performance design is the combination of a high-excursion low-frequency suspension system with Electro-Voice's unique Ring-Mode Decoupling. All loudspeaker drivers exhibit mechanical resonance modes that add their own time-domain or ringing-mode colorations. These colorisations. These colorisations limit and reduce overall system intelligibility. The Eliminator's use of RMD™ will control several fundamental mechanical ringing modes. The result is substantially improved vocal range intelligibility and system "openness", When extended low-frequency operation is requried, the performance can be further enhanced with the use of the Eliminator® Sub. System operation can either be in biamp mode or full-range passive mode beacuse of the high-pass filtered output in the Eliminator Sub. Vented enclosures offer excellent power handling and low distortion in the lowest octave of rated operation. Is it always advisable however to filter material below enclosure tuning to further improve system output and headroom. The eliminator should be high-pass filtered to reduce sub sonic material below 40 Hz.

EV Eliminator Speaker

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