The Extron P/2 DA4xi is a one input VGA distribution amplifier that splits a signal and distributes it to four separate outputs. With 350 MHz (-3dB) RGB video bandwidth, fully loaded, the P/2 DA4xi is compatible with VGA-QXGA graphic cards, projectors and flat panel displays. Each output is individually buffered and amplified to help maintain the original signal integrity and eliminate noise interference. The P/2 DA4xi also includes a video gain switch which boosts the signal for long cable runs.



  • Input: One female 15-pin HD connector
  • Output: Four female 15-pin HD connectors
  • 350 MHz (-3 dB) RGB video bandwidth, fully loaded
  • Compatible with VGA-QXGA resolutions
  • Drives outputs up to 250 feet (75 meters)
  • Video gain switch
  • Rack and under-desk mountable
  • ID Bits routed to local monitor output
  • 1U, half rack width 6" deep metal enclosure
  • Internal Extron Everlast power supply

Extron P/2 DA4xI VGA DA 1:4

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