More sound and less weight

Compared to a conventional amplifier, Martin Audio MA12K technology offer very high efficiency and delivers more power to the loudspeakers with greatly reduced heat dissipation. This greater efficiency enables dimensions, weight and power consumption to be reduced. The output stages of the amplifiers typically run at 95% efficiency, dissipating only 5% of the input energy as heat.

One of the most interesting characteristics is that MA12K efficiency is almost independent of output level. Conventional amplifiers achieve their best efficiency only at full rated power output. Since standard music has an average power density of 40% of the maximum level, conventional amplifiers can easily generate 10 times more heat than Ma12K amplifiers for the same volume of sound.

Superior Sound-Sonic Accuracy

Crystal-clear highs and a tight, well-defined low end: the most accurate reproduction of an audio signal. Patented design features ensure very high performance over parameters such as distortion, frequency response, slew rate, power bandwidth and dumping factor.

Totally Digital with High Reliability

The Ma12K series is based on PWM technology that has been used for 30 years or more in power supplies and inverters. PWM provides high reliability, small size, low weight and high efficiency. A PWM converter works as a high frequency sampler, converting the variable amplitude (audio) signal into an impulse sequence with average value equal to the audio input.

MA12K amplifiers use very high sampling frequencies to obtain high performances across the audio band.

The Best Amplifier for Your Mains

Martin Audio MA12K amplifiers adopt Power Factor Correction. This unique feature ensures that a predominantly resistive load is presented to mains, minimising current distortion and voltage/current displacement. This leads to much improved performance of the amplifier at high levels of output and avoids mains-voltage collapses, typical of standard and switching power supplies.

Another great advantage of this technology is that its performance is, to a large extent, independent of mains voltage. The rated output power does not vary with load/line conditions.

Martin Audio MA12K power amplifiers

Martin Audio MA12K power amplifiers have many advanced features, Digital control of many parameters, adjustable maximum mains consumption, selectable digital presets and a graphic display that shows detailed information of the status of the amplifier.

The Show Always Goes On

The MA12K Series is completely protected against every possible error in operation and are designed to work under every condition. They will deliver maximum power with maximum safety and increased long-term reliability. Anticipating potential problems at the design stage means your show always goes on!

Martin Audio MA12K Digital Amplifier

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