Extra wide beams due to big lens. The Showtec Adreline is a light-effect based on a LED matrix board that has many different dynamic built in patterns. It will fill your room with colorful beams created by 256 x 5mm LEDS (RGBW). The extreme big lens will make sure that it can handle large dance floors. The Showtec Adrenaline is just like many other Showtec light effects equipped with IMC. IMC stands for Intelligent Music Control this is a special sound-to-light module that reacts to your music like a real light-jockey. If you are playing easy-listening music nice slow programs will be selected. If you are playing party music the IMC will select uplifting programs and different strobe patterns to entertain your audience. Due to the menu with 4-digit display it is easy to make your desired setup: Sound active Master Slave Auto program or DMX mode. It has 1 or 4 DMX-channel mode to control the patterns and colors or a 256 DMX-channel mode to control each LED separately.

Showtec Adrenaline LED Effects Light