The Spectral CYC4000 is a powerful lighting tool for any large scale cyclorama applications. Specially designed with its dual optic design of 15 degrees and 30 degrees it creates an impressive throw of light whilst maintaining smooth and uniform colourmixing.

This extremely bright cyclorama wash light combines the colour palette of RGB with pastels from white and amber providing a wealth of colours to paint with. A custom built slide-in-glare flag ensures professional lighting considerations are adhered to; whether washing drapes and curtains or walls and scenery.



  • Powerful LED Sources
  • High Output: 9390+ Lux @ 2m
  • Dual Lens system for optimal Cyc washing
  • Sliding brackets enable easy mounting
  • Smooth dimming curve (Dim4 Technology)
  • Powercon in and out
  • 3 and 5 pin DMX512 connections
  • Designed for touring
  • Beam Angle - 15 and 30 degrees

Showtec CYC-4000 LED Battens

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