Set Design & Build.

Avensys Hire & Events can take the stress away by ensuring that we design, build and install the most impactful and creative sets to fulfil your requirements, on time and on budget.

We will work alongside you to create the best solution for your needs, and our skilled technicians and carpenters will ensure it is built to the very highest specifications.

Whether you require a basic set or something that is more unique and unusual, Avensys can help.

Additionally, we can help increase your brand awareness with a range of media techniques, including printed canvases, vinyl and wraps.

Set Design & Build

Set Design & Build example of the Gatwick Diamond Business Awards
Basic Set example of a simple set screen surround

Basic Sets 

Enhance your presentation with a set screen surround. Simple logos can be also added to the set.

Bespoke Set example of the Retra conference

Bespoke Sets

Bespoke set designs are the perfect solution to showcase your brand or sponsors at VIP events. 

Branded Set example of Macmillan Event

Branded Sets

Transform your event set with custom branding to help showcase your brand and messaging.

Set Visualisation example of the NFRC Event

Set Visualisations 

Are you holding a larger event where you want to see exactly what you are getting. We can create custom visulisations  

Set Construction example of Avensys Hire & Events crew constructing a set.

Set Construction

Not only are we experienced in design sets with our delivery partner we have built custom sets for over 15 years.

Step & Repeat exampl of four individuals in front of a Step & Repeat Board

Step & Repeat 

Step and Repeat boards are perfect for Awards events. Winners can have their photos taken in front with all event sponsors logos being included in the photographs. 

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