Sponsorship Ideas.

Offset your expenses with engaging paid placements throughout your event. Go beyond traditional banners and signs to connect brands with your audience in ways that captivate and excite. Drive sponsor satisfaction with the actual number of views and even lead capture, greatly enhancing their ROI. From projection mapping a building to a branded interactive microphone, Avensys are able to suggest and supply many ideas suited to your venue and event.

Sponsorship Ideas

Sponsorship Ideas with a individual holding a Catch Box Mic which can be customised with your own branding.
Custom Gobo example with Ncipher logo being projecting on wall at Event

Custom Gobos

Have your logo up in lights - Custom gobos can be created  to project company logos around a room.

Branded Lectern example of Ncipher logo displayed on the lectern

Branded Lecterns

Lecterns are a focal point during presentations. Adding digital branding to lecterns is a nice touch and because it's digital it can change throughout the event.

Branded Screen example of digital screen with branded messaging

Branded Screens

Selling advertising space on digital screens dotted around your event space is an easy way to raise additional funds.

Outdoor Projected Branding Example of brand logo projected on the side of a building

Outdoor Projected Branding

Key sponsors can have the opportunity to have their logo displayed on the outside of the event space for all to see.

Step & Repeat example of four individuals in front of a Step & Repeat Board

Step & Repeat Boards

Step and Repeat boards are perfect for Awards events. Winners can have their photos taken in front with all event sponsors logos being included in the photographs. 

Branded Catch Box Microphone where your brand can be added

Branded Catch Box Microphone

Why not suggest to sponsors to be the centre of audience engagement with a branded catch box microphone. 

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