Technical Production.

For 20 years, we have been a leading supplier of technical production solutions across the UK and Europe.

Our team of Project Managers and Technicians have built a reputation of using their passion, expertise and ground-breaking technology to deliver spectacular results on time and on budget.

Whether it’s a Corporate Conference, an Awards Dinner, or a bespoke Product Launch, we can offer you the equipment, knowledge and support needed to ensure your project is a complete success.

Simple yet critical!

A good stage wash is a must for any event to make sure people on stage are the focus and can be seen.

Stage Wash

Add moving beam lighting effects to your next event to add some real drama. 

Moving beams are particularly useful for Awards stings!

Beam Effects

Outdoor lighting can, of course, be practical but also beautiful, why not add LED lighting to your event to create a stunning first impression on your guests. 


Introduce interest and colour to your event by using gobos and breakups around the room

Custom gobos of your logo or event name can also be created.

Gobo Effects

Enhance the look of a room with LED uplighting. You can change the colour of the uplighting throughout the event and create pulsing and chases effects if required.


Add a touch of glamour and sophistication to your event by adding starcloth that will shimmer and shine all night long.  

Starcloth Draping

Projection is a versatile way to display data, video content and presentations to a large group of people. We can provide 4:3, 16:9 and super widescreen formats. 

Video Projection

Stand out from the crowd with LED, it's not only bright and punchy but can be configured in  lots of different creative ways to form part of a great stage setting. 

LED Wall

If you are looking to build a powerpoint for your awards evening - let us take away the stress and create you a presentation that is on-brand, dynamic and ensures any key sponsors are well showcased. 

Powerpoint Creation

Video content doesn't have to be projected onto standard shaped screens. Video Mapping allows content to be wrapped onto any object and adds strong visual interest to any event.  

Video Mapping

Custom video content is a sure-fire way to grab peoples attention. If you have an important message or information to share why not share it through the medium of bespoke video content.  

Content Creation

A bespoke designed sound system that is perfect for the room, the number of delegates and for the audio content. 

Conference Sound Systems 

Sound outdoors is a task for the professionals - careful considerations need to be taken to ensure optimum sound to everyone in attendance.  

Outdoor Sound Systems

A microphone for all applications. We can supply Lapels, Handhelds and Headset Microphones.

Radio Microphones

A big sound, with a big impact. Bespoke Sound Systems that allow for powerful award stings while ensuring presenters can be heard.

Awards Sound System 

A bespoke sound system that caters for both musical instruments and vocals. 

Live Music Sound Systems

Soundscapes can be used to support an event theme. 

Simple yet, Very effective.

Sound Creation

Comfort monitors allow for presenters to see upcoming slides or presentation notes. 

Countdown timers are also a useful aid to keep your event running on time.

Comfort Monitors

Autocue systems allow for presenters to deliver a predetermined script to an audience without the need to look down at paper notes.   

Autocue Systems

Another event must have for presenters. This allows the person on stage delivering a presentation the ability to advance their own slides as they speak. 

Presentation Clickers

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